Our Team

Palika Kohli
4B2E0D44-9917-4E18-9B62-F3FB11452B79Palika Kohli holds both her BASc and MSc in Global Health from McMaster University. She is currently a second-year medical student at Queen’s University, where she is learning to navigate the boundaries between art and medicine. Palika is passionate about transcultural psychiatry, medical education, and the intersections between religion, culture and medicine. When she isn’t studying, you can find her in a coffee shop or library with her head buried in one of the three books she is currently reading.



Ayla Raabis
FF1FE36C-0AA3-43F4-B5F5-60F65B260882I am a first year medical student with a passion for narrative medicine and health equity. I have a desire to explore how we understand our bodies and illness through the arts – creating meaning and identity out of the incomprehensible and unmentionable. I fell in love with medicine through the stories those navigating a complex system with aspects of phenomenal humanity as well as utter failures. I am so excited to be a part of continuing these conversations through the Jacalyn Duffin Conference this year!



Hannah Lee
qmed headshotHannah Lee is a second year medical student at Queen’s University with a BSc in Life Sciences. She is passionate about the use of music, literature, and drama as tools for healing. When she isn’t studying, Hannah can be found reading, playing her cello, or curating niche Spotify playlists. She is super excited to continue exploring the intersection between medicine and the humanities at the Jacalyn Duffin Conference this year!



Arielle Brickman
41147A8A-48A8-4E07-ADE5-95D4E6237F3F Arielle Brickman holds her Bachelor of Science in Biology from York University, and is a member of the MD Class of 2021 at Queen’s University. Arielle is passionate about medical education, global health, and medical literature. She is interested in exploring ways in which literature and creativity can broaden our perspectives and improve patient care.




Zoe Hutchinson
48817007-E4E2-4EE2-B8A4-B668A2BA522FZoe Hutchison is a second-year medical student at Queen’s University. She holds her BSc in Medical Science, with a double Major in Women’s Studies from Western University. Her background in both the sciences and arts has provided her with a rich understanding into the many unique and wonderful ways that medicine and the humanities intersect. Zoe is passionate about women’s and LGBTQ2+ health, and is interested in exploring the ways in which sociocultural ideologies impact health and healthcare policies.



Vlada Replete
E20CAAE6-311E-4CF8-89A1-B6BCFC152221Vlada Replete is a second year medical student at Queens University. She has a BSc in Psychology from York University. Vlada Replete is currently interested in watching Greys Anatomy with her foster cat.





Harry Chandrakumaran

28167683_10155353156717828_6972638306259647337_nHarry Chandrakumaran is a third-year medical student at Queens University. When he isn’t dedicating his time to disrupting the workflow of clinics and operating rooms, he enjoys dabbling in the historical arts. His past interests have included the funding and defunding of mental health care in Ontario during the era of deinstitutionalization, and the role of bureaucracy in healthcare spending. According to Harry, “ I am deeply indebted to the medical humanities. They have shaped and reshaped the way I envision myself working in the healthcare system.“ Harry hopes to share his love of the medical humanities by contributing to this year’s healthcare and humanities conference.