Our Team

Maggie Hulbert, Director


Maggie Hulbert is a second year medical student at Queen’s who has a passion for the medical humanities. She co-chairs the Medicine and Literature Interest group, takes pottery classes, and has an embarrassing amount of books she hasn’t read on her bookshelf.



Ashna Asim, Director & Speaker Co-ordinator

iPhone 5S 027Ashna Asim is a medical student at Queen’s University. She is a co-chair for the Medicine and Literature Interest Group and the Health and Humanities Certificate at Queen’s. She loves reading and writing. Some of her published work can be found in the Queen’s University anthology, Lake Effect 8. She is excited to be planning this conference in the continued effort to create and sustain a space for the humanities in medical education at Queen’s.


Hissan Butt, Director


Hissan Butt is in his second year of medicine at Queen’s. After presenting his history of medicine project at the wonderful History of Medicine Days Conference at Calgary, he was inspired to establish a similar space at Queen’s, where students of health care professions and humanities (not just history) could come together and share their scholarly and creative works. With his friends he also runs the What Happened in Medicine (WHIM) Historical Society that aims to support any and all history of medicine activity at the School of Medicine.

Sarah Belanger
, Logistics Co-ordinator

IMG_4218Sarah Belanger is a medical student at Queen’s University and an accredited Music Therapist (MTA).  She graduated from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Music, and holds a Certificate in Music Therapy from Acadia University.  Prior to attending Queen’s, she worked as a Music Therapist and Music Educator at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto.  She is passionate about the use of creative arts in helping individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Julia Milden
, Submissions Co-ordinator


Julia Milden is a second year medical student at Queen’s University, where she previously earned her BA in Economics. During her undergrad, she became fascinated with architectural history and how we build and transform spaces for health and healing through design. She is also interested in narrative medicine as a tool for centring care around the privilege of learning a patient’s story. As your submissions co-ordinator, she is eagerly awaiting to collaborate and learn with you this April!

Mehar Kang
, Marketing Co-ordinator


Mehar Kang is a second year medical student at Queen’s University, interested in re-humanizing healthcare. She is fascinated by the investigative and narrative power of a “medical history” and the intersection of compassionate patient care and clinical acumen. She co-chairs the Barry Smith Symposium & Queen’s Psychiatry Interest Group. During her spare time, she enjoys Indian classical music and dance.


Sara Brade, Logistics Co-ordinator



Sara Brade is a first-year medical student at Queen’s University. Her favourite pastimes include reading about her heroes and marvelling at the beauty and the goodness of the human person.


Khatija Anjum, Speaker Co-ordinator

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 10.17.04 PM


Khatija Anjum is a second year medical student at Queen’s University. She completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) from McMaster University, where a creative writing class sparked an interest in writing. She hopes to further explore the relationship between medicine and the humanities in order to gain a deeper understanding of the human side of healthcare.



Palika Kohli, Submissions Co-ordinator


Palika Kohli holds both her BASc and MSc in Global Health from McMaster University, where she helped develop a curriculum focussed on communication skills, professionalism and medical ethics for Indian medical schools. She is currently a first-year medical student at Queen’s University, where she is learning to navigate the boundaries between art and medicine. Palika is passionate about transcultural psychiatry, medical education, and the intersections between religion, culture and medicine.


Jagpreet Kaler, Treasurer

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 9.44.25 PMJagpreet is currently a medical student at Queen’s University, and previously went to McMaster for her BHSc. She enjoys re-watching old Punjabi music videos, learning about Indian fashion through the ages and watching spoken word poetry. 




Christine Moon
, Committee Member

CMoon Headshot

Christine is a first-year MD-PhD student. Her PhD dissertation in socio-cultural studies will explore the experiences of racialized Canadians with medical assistance in dying. She is interested in the ways in which humanities and the social sciences can inform medicine, and vice versa.


Harry Chandrakumaran
, Graphic Designer